Gyromancer – a good game

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What happens when Square Enix – a producer known for RPG games – is collaborating on a project with Pop Cap Games, masters of casual games? Well, after such combinations can’t get out a bad game, but an amazing one: Gyromancer, a game that uses the Bejeweled formula ( which I have saw in Puzzle Quest), but with added RPG elements and an interesting story.

So, in this game you are Rivel, a powerful wizard that along with Laska starts looking for a traitor in the Aldemona forest – sounds a little boring, right? Fortunately, the story has enough interesting towers and many interesting missions.

Gyromancer puts you in command of a character that has three creatures and must meet and objective that is whether to kill a monster or to activate a certain number of portals scattered across the map. The fight is between a rival creature and one of yours, with a certain color showing its skills and weapons – it’s like you play rock – paper –scisors, but based on many colors.

Once inside the fight all you need to so is to rotate clockwise in a square of 4 pieces (2x2) to form a column of at least 3 pieces of the same color: once this happens the action bar of our creature fills up, but also the opponent’s and the only way we can slow down is the formation of pairs of color of the opponent creature.

In this mixture, the game adds RPG elements like the level of creatures and potions (found in chests scattered on the map) like the one that allows you to rotate clockwise a group of pieces or one that puts all your attacks on board even if the bar is not filled up completely. To aid you, the game offers also the redo option of your last move in case you had make a colossal mistake.

Once the fight is won, you will get battle experience and money that are used to adding new creatures. Of course, any creature that will be added will replace an existing one, because never during the game you will not be allowed to have more than 3 creatures.

Besides fights, you will have special stages to gain access to a portion of the map that hides a gyro or a chest or riches and for this you will have to solve some puzzles that consists also in rotating parts.

In big lines, this game is pretty fun, even though at some point you will have some pretty complex puzzles. I totally recommend it.